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Foursquare Niger


Foursquare Niger’s Mission

Preach the Gospel to every tribe and tongue within the Nation of Niger.

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Foursquare Niger’s Impact

The impact of this mission is to not only reach Niger, but it is also affecting our Foursquare churches here in the States by giving them opportunities to partner and experience the blessing of reaching an unreached nation with the Gospel. We’ve seen it strengthen, inspire, and bring new life to churches that had no mission focus.



Years serving Niamey and the surrounding region

Though there have been challenges in pioneering a National work, God has blessed our efforts and helped the Gospel to take root; as well as, seeing the multiplication of Ministries.



Thousand men, women, and children Reached

As with all works, not everyone has remained faithful, but those who have persevered with us are seeing radical changes in the lives of their villages, families and neighbors.

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May 2014

“Jesus never said it’d be easy, but he did promise it’d be worth it.”

-Scott Jungers



Get Involved

The opportunities to join us on the Mission are numerous. First and foremost, we invite everyone to pray for this nation and for the work we’re doing. You can receive specific prayer points by joining our email list and connecting with us on social media.

You can invest in the Mission in two ways: giving through Foursquare missions international and secondly: through our church home, LIFEHOUSE, in Richmond, Virginia.

Donations go towards supporting our ministry and helping our leaders in Niger, along with bringing training and education to believers and the unreached.


Mission opportunities

We have opportunities throughout the year for team missions, as well as smaller pastoral or leadership missions.

Make a Donation

Your giving is helping reach a nation with the Gospel.

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